The 30 Days Challenge for Singers? Here's the first thing to do to Sing Better!

Nov. 14, 2017

Do you want to know how to sing better so that you can surprise your friends when some spontaneous Karaoke night happens? Whatever the reasons may be, a lot of us seek tricks to improve our singing voice. Because there is something about people who can sing well, right? haha

How do you improve it? The first thing you got to do is to PRACTICE. Just like the famous Olympic gymnast, Simon Biles said, "Practice creates confidence. Confidence empowers you." You practice and you get better at it. It's just so simple.

30 Days Challenge

So, early September, we decided to provide an opportunity for our users to start practising together, which is the #30DaysChallenge. Basically, you sing and post for 30 days and if you manage to complete this challenge, you win a reward. We kept it very simple as it should be. 

There were many participants and they were very impressive. But one of the participants stood out as she went beyond and just kept going until Day60. We reached out to this legend and asked what this challenge meant for her.

This is her Day60 track!!

"I found the whole experience of the challenge interesting and fun to try to find time and determination to keep up the challenge and record a song daily. It was a good test of keeping something up and not giving up part of the way through, as I sometimes do when I try to give up eating chocolate. LOL"   

She continued,  "I also learnt some new songs during the challenge, that I had never sung before. So I guess that the challenge has also expanded my song repertoire."

"At first, I also wondered what songs to sing every day, but there were so many great backing tracks by so many great musicians on nana, that I could find many good songs on there. "

Just give it a go!

By trying out different types of tracks or even genres, you will learn more about your voice and know what works the best for your vocal range. 

Before talking about all the vocal techniques to improve your singing voice or what not, it is very important to understand your voice first. Therefore, we definitely suggest that you should do this #30daychallenge and challenge yourself to sing different songs consistently. It will help you become confident and comfortable with singing. 

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