Famous Beat Producer is Challenging you to Rap on his Beat!

Jan. 17, 2018

Sharpe, the famous Music Producer who has more than 250K subscribers on Youtube, has dropped his beat on nana app!

This talented 18 years old Youtube star obtained his massive popularity by creating his own unique and original hip-hop beats.  This week, he shared one of his original beats with nana and challenges you to rap on his beat.

You can rap on his beat by using our "Collab" function and win a chance to be featured in his next video.

As mentioned before, he has a massive fanbase on Youtube and this will be such a great opportunity to showcase your talent and maximize your exposure as an artist. So don't miss out this chance! Get on his beat and start collabing!

Go follow him on nana: http://nana-music.com/users/6284432/


Once you follow him, collab and add your ad-libs to his beat and make it in his next video!

His youtube video is here. 👇

How to Collab on His Track

1. Go to his track. 
   (Search "Sharpe" or Search his track by title; BASEMENT.)

2. Tap on "Collab" button.

3. Start recording.

Collab on Sharpe

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