【Live Report Part 1】nana team in the U.S. !!

Sept. 22, 2017

Hi nana-versal people! 

This is Yasu from nana music Global team (First time to say hi officially to all of you!)

Guess what. Our team is in the United States now to attend few events in Tennessee! Hello all in US!!


The place of event is in Franklin, located just beneath the music central of Nashville. 

Here in Franklin, we have attended Music Tourism Convention on November 21st & 22nd. And another big event of the Pilgrimage Festival on 23rd & 24th, we have the booth set up together with Playing for Change Foundation!

So let me give you a brief wrap up for our very first live report!

Music Tourism Convention is a conference run by Sound Diplomacy of UK, where music and tourism sectors collaborate together in exploration of developing each other. Actually, Franklin is the first official Music Tourism Convention held in the US! 


Our venue for this convention “The Factory” once used to be industrial property for several companies, now renovated into multipurpose architecture with unique stores, offices and relaxing spaces.


At the sessions, we had talks and panels presented by experienced professionals of music and tourism events, such as festivals, tours...name it. 


On day 2, we also had roundtable session together with participants to discuss and share ideas how we can maximize the possibility of music and the cities through each others' synergy.



After fruitful sessions on the first day, we all had networking time through reception, served with nice local beers and foods. 


The day didn’t end here! After the reception, we headed down for Downtown Franklin Music Experience to explore another deep music scenes. 




At the end of day 2 in closing the convention, we had another wonderful reception at the actual Pilgrimage Festival venue, hoping for the success of the festival…



That’s all for Music Tourism Convention! 

But for those who can’t wait till the Pilgrimage Festival coming up tomorrow, here’s some sneak-peek snaps from the venue…






Can’t wait till tomorrow comes! 

For those who will be here, hope we all can meet up at our booth in Americana Music Triangle Tent!!

Continuing to Part 2...

Yasu https://www.facebook.com/nana.Sing.your.Life Joined nana from May 2017! Loves music & traveling (visited 80+ countries so far) Takes you around the world by music...hopefully!!

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