nana’s Latest Update makes Singing More Fun!

Oct. 24, 2017

Hi everyone! 

Thank you all first, weve hit the total of 5 million users this month! Hurrah!!

And guess what’s coming further…nana has another version released!

Every single nana team member is excited to announce this new release, cause we’ve got so many things to update you guys, especially two big releases.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Renewed Reverbs

First big news is that we have brand new Stage Reverb added to the series of Studio and Arena Reverb, so now we have 3 types of reverbs (echoes) 

One thing that must be noted is that Stage and Arena Reverb are produced in sampling (convolution) reverb. It is totally different type of reverb from current digital reverbs with its complex structure, creating more realistic echoing sound as if you are really on the stage or arena.

And speaking more, our sound engineering team has become the very first to implement this sampling reverb effect into Android app!! (*According to our research) This is a great accomplishment for us all.

You also can adjust the depth of these reverb effects to change your sound into your desired tones.

Just tap the desired reverb icon twice, and you can adjust the level of echoing by fader.

So update now to enjoy these brand new effects!


Connect with GarageBand!

Second one will be a good news for iOS users. You now can upload your track from Apple’s GarageBand App! 

Select the track you want to share and tap on share button at top left hand corner.


You will find "Copy to nana" if you have nana app installed on your device, so tap it!


Once you have Share Song screen, go down to the lower part and select either Apple Lossless.


When you are done, tap share and you will be transferred to nana's Recording Info screen for normal posting process!

**You cannot upload it as collaboration track. 

**Compatible with GarageBand version later than 2.2.1 with OS version later than iOS10.

Better interface, better search

And our interfaces has been improved too!

You now have follow button on the news notification and user list page for easier following.

news_follow.jpg user_list_follow.jpg

At Recording notes, you will have the collaborated track’s caption automatically pasted. 

text_note_copy_1.jpg text_note_copy_2.jpg

Sing out loud!

Are you excited? nana’s new features are to make your singing experience more open and fun! 

We all are running fast to provide more exciting features further on…so stay tuned!

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Check out “nana How-to Guides” (Android / iOS)  if you want to learn the basics to enjoy nana app.

For more infos, see our FAQ for answers to the most common questions.

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