Why Do We Love Singing ?

Dec. 20, 2017

Do you ever catch yourself singing in a shower? Do you love those karaoke nights with your friends? 
I sure do. Whenever I go out and hear my favourite song comes on at the bar, I am that person who goes "That's my jam!" and unashamedly sings loud. I am one of those people who cannot have a car ride without singing. My favourite memories in life involve embarrassingly singing my heart out to my favourite songs with my best friends while sitting in a traffic. I am this extra when it comes to singing.

As one of the most loved Jazz singers of all time, Ella Fitzgerald once famously said, " The only thing better than singing is more singing. ",  singing means so much to a lot of people including myslef.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons why I decided to work for nana is actually that I love singing. For those who don't know what nana is,  nana is an online social platform for all the music lovers to express themselves through music and collaborate with others. There are a lot of mind-blowing singers on nana every day and so many people across the world enjoy singing their heart out on nana app every day.

And so my question lingers:  "Why do we love singing ?" 

I understand that there are so many different answers to this. I know that the answer differs from person to person. But I felt that we take it for granted that singing is just part of our life and this question is not actually often discussed in our life. So I thought it would be interesting to learn about what others think are the reasons why they love singing and I interviewed one of the nana users to kick off my 

"Singing lifts people up. Music has the power to speak to people's soul. It is so inspirational that I love it." - Sahra Yasmin.

Sahra is a singer as well as a multi-instrumentalist from Germany. When I came across one of her original tracks on nana, I got goosebumps all over my arms. It was so emotional and I could tell that she really loves singing. So I reached out to her and had a great chat with her. She said, "Singing lifts people up. Music has the power to speak to people's soul. It is so inspirational that I love it. " She also mentioned that the reason why she loves singing on nana is that she gets to be as creative and original as she can and express herself through music. "Music should be handmade," she says. All the instrumental tracks on nana are created by users and the raw beauty of it attracted her. Also, nana's 'Collab' overdubbing function allows her to build on sounds and add more dimensions to the songs and her songs on nana stand out because of the depth she adds by this layering and the emotions she puts in each song. Her beautiful tracks on nana inspire and motivate a lot of people including myself every day. 

One of her original tracks on nana.

One of her amazing covers on nana.

Discussing passion and love for music and singing with her gave me a new perspective to look into. To me, singing was always something that just makes me feel good and I never really dug dipper than that. I am not trying to say that the idea of "Singing just makes feel good and that's why I love it" is wrong. There is no wrong or right in this. But you know how when something becomes so meaningful to you and you just get so attached to it? This interview with Sahra was such a wonderful opportunity for me to think more about singing or music in general and it made me feel like I love singing and music more than ever before. On top of that, it made me want to connect with more and more music enthusiasts to share ideas and motivations. (I guess nana is calling!)  Now let me ask you. "Why do you love singing?"

Sing together and Connect with all the music lovers out there on nana.

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Yuks https://www.instagram.com/nanamusic_official/ Joined nana in April 2017. Loves singing as much as she loves pizza.🍕

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